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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Systematic Approaches to Searching the Health Science Literature #1: Introduction

A solid literature search is critical to writing a scientific article. If you are writing any type of review, a systematic literature search is central to the validity of your conclusion. This series of tutorials cover the fundamental concepts and general procedure of searching the health science literature in a systematic manner. They will mainly focus on systematic searches required by a "systematic review". If you are not writing a "systematic review", you may not need to take every single step as detailed in the following videos, but no matter what type of review you decide to write, having a systematic approach to your literature search will only enhance your project. The goal of these tutorials is to ensure that your search is comprehensive, methodical, transparent and reproducible, so that your conclusions are as unbiased and closer to truth as possible. This first video of the series introduces the concept of "systematic review" and makes a rough comparison between a search done for a systematic review and an ordinary literature search.

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