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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Citation Analysis with the Web of Science #1: Introduction

You asked for it. You got it. This is the first video of the frequently-requested update to the "Citation Analysis with the Web of Science" series of tutorials. In this update, I of course used the "new" updated interface of the Web of Science in the videos. I also streamlined the content a little bit and segmented it into 4 episodes. The "Finding Journal Impact Factors" episode will be in its own series, as technically Journal Citation Reports is a separate product from the Web of Science.

This first video is an introduction to the concept of citation analysis and the Web of Science as a citation tracking tool.


McDermott Library said...

Excellent video. Exceptionally well done.

Cecilia said...

¡Excellent wrap up! I would like translating it to Spanish,of course, mentioning authors, please let me know, if is it possible?
By the way, anyone knows if exist something for EBM Librarians Spanish speaking?

Cecilia Pacheco
Clinica Alemana de Santiago (Chile)