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Monday, February 02, 2009

Find It Fast #9: The TRIP Database

This tutorial demonstrates the basic features of the TRIP Database, a meta-search engine for clinical information at both the top and bottom tiers of the pyramid of resources.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lei,
Thank you so much for preparing all these Systematic Smart Search video tutorial series. I have never used this TRIP database before, but after watching your video tutorial, I was able to find great EBP guidelines, systematic reviews, and other reliable up to date background information on nursing education and patient/family education handouts in children with chronic illness on special topics. Today, this TRIP database video tutorial, as your other video series, became so handy that I could not thank you enough!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!
Yale Pediatrics

Lei Wang said...

Thank you, Beyhan. I am glad these videos helped. Please let us know if you have future tutorial suggestions.