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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Features of Ovid SP

Starting from today, I am going to post a number of tutorials on the new search interface from Ovid known as "Ovid SP". In this first tutorial I am going to focus on the new features of Ovid SP compared with the current Ovid search interface. Ovid SP is scheduled to replace the current Ovid search interface soon.

Update (Feb 04, 2008): Ovid has switched from Ovid Gateway to Ovid SP today and has renamed the "Ovid Syntax" tab to "Advanced Ovid Search", which is also now the default tab.

Update (May 28, 2010): Ovid will switch to version 3.0 of OvidSP by the end of June 2010 on August 2, 2010. A new version of this video is available here.


Anonymous said...

Excellent tutorial!

Anonymous said...

Great Tutorial - good introduction to the new interface

Anonymous said...

This was an excellent introduction - covered some extra features not covered by the Ovid trainer who gave a demo to us.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Far superior to the OVID training.

Bustler said...

Superb Tutorial buddy. thanks

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