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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Managing and Organizing Your References

This video shows you a number of tricks you might need in order to better organize and manage your references with RefWorks:

  • How to do a more accurate search for your references;
  • How to look up for a reference by author, descriptor, or periodical;
  • How to organize your references in folders;
  • How to globally edit multiple references;
  • How to remove duplicate references;
  • How to back up and restore your entire RefWorks database.

This is the last video for this sequence of tutorials on the basics of using RefWorks. If you have any feedback on these tutorials, please send them to me: lei dot wang at yale dot edu. I also want to thank my colleagues Janene Batten, Charlie Greenberg, and Rick Bean for giving me suggestions and encouragement during the production of these videos.

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